APTO –Global Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy

Key Characteristics

APTO (Latin for “adapt”) seeks to provide capital appreciation in up markets and capital preservation in down markets by implementing a proprietary portfolio construction methodology that systematically adapts to changing market conditions and capitalizes on global market trends.
  • Flexible
    The “go‐anywhere”, tactical strategy has a goal of outperforming the benchmark over rolling 3‐year periods.
  • Rules‐Based
    Unique portfolio construction process where market forces determine the asset allocation, eliminating emotion from the decision making process.
  • End Result
    The portfolio owns the best performing Global Asset Classes and Sectors at any given time; no “waiting” in cheap or out of favor groups to come back en vogue. The elegance of the systematic process provides the highest probability for success.
About Us
1st Quarter 2019 Update
*MCM Apto can be found highlighted on Page 40 and ranks #3 in 5-Year and #1 in 10-Year return. There are 82 managers that are GTAA strategies, 6 with a 10-Year history, 43 with a 5-Year history.

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